5060 Yonge Street

Intersection: Yonge and Hillcrest
Status: Applied OPA & Rezoning (Dec 14, 2020), under review
Official Plan and Zoning By Law Amendment application to permit a 42-storey mixed-use building. The proposed development includes non-residential uses in the first 6-storeys, with grade related retail located along Yonge Street between Hillcrest Avenue and Elmwood Ave, and a residential tower above.
Note: These last 2 development proposals submitted after 4-lane TransformYonge approved at IE Committee have Density of 10.47FSI and 12.24 FSI – way beyond the 4.5-6.0 FSI we generally see within North York Centre Secondary Plan area. I doubt we’ll ever get a development application submitted at 4.5-6.0 ever again. Direct subway connection in discussion.
Developer: First Capital
Storeys: 42
Units: 350

5203 Yonge Street

Intersection: Yonge and Parkview
Status: Applied OPA & Rezoning (Dec 8, 2020), under review
Official Plan and Zoning By Law Amendment application to permit a 32 storey residential building for a total of 329 propsoed dwelling units and 19,877 sqm of residential gross floor area and 250.50 of retail gross floor area.
Note: Density: 10.47FSI; Height 105m. At this density, it’s worth it for developer to land assemble small older expensive Yonge Street store front lots for condo towers.
Developer: Inmino Developments Inc.
Storeys: 32
Units: 329

6035 Bathurst Street

Intersection: Bathurst and Steeles
Status: Applied Rezoning (Dec 23, 2020), under review
Zoning by-law amendment application to permit a 14-storey residential apartment building. The proposal would contain a total of 220 residential units and 15,269 m2 of residential gross floor area with a Floor Space Index (FSI) of 7.04.
Developer: Plaza
Storeys: 14
Units: 220

5300 Yonge Street

Intersection: Yonge and Mckee
Status: OMB Approved (March 2020)
OPA and rezoning to permit a 33 storey residential building with retail at grade. The project has an overall GFA of 24,374.81 square metres or an FSI of 9.61.
Developer: Diamante Developments
Storeys: 33
Units: 328

5400 Yonge Street

Intersection: Yonge and Horsham
Status: OMB Appeal (OPA & Rezoning), waiting for decision. City fighting density at OMB/LPAT (Density: 8.02FSI; Height 106.0m)
The applicant has proposed an Official Plan Amendment and Zoning Bylaw Amendment application for a 32-storey residential tower comprised of 324 dwelling units with a 4-storey mixed residential, retail and commercial podium. A 338 sq. metre Privately-owner Publicly Accessible Space (POPS) is proposed on the western portion of the subject site.
Developer: Fieldgate Urban
Storeys: 32
Units: 324

53-63 Sheppard West

Intersection: Sheppard and Beecroft
Status: OMB Appeal
An application to amend the Official Plan and Zoning By-law to permit a 14 storey 182 unit residential building with ground floor commercial uses fronting on Sheppard Ave West, and 4 storey residential townhouses fronting on Bogert Ave and three levels of underground parking.
Developer: Sold to Fieldgate
Storeys: 14 (condos), 4 (townhouses)
Units: 182 (condos), 8 (townhouses)

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