DIY Staging a Home

Staging is very important in the sale of a home. Many clients of ours are ready to buy a home before even seeing it because of good staging.

Here are some photos of a previous listing of ours without staging:

Here are some photos of the same listing with staging:

You might feel that by looking at the images of the empty room that you are trying to imagine how you would set the rooms up and paying little to no mind on how you might live there. In the second set of photos, you might be finding yourself able to start picture yourself living there and how you would use each room.

People will look at the pictures online and fall in love. Furniture and décor can work wonders for your listing. Your home tells the story of the happy life you lived there. If you want to DIY staging for your listing, here are some tips:

  1. Declutter, take away most of the personal pictures and religious items
  2. Clear the cabinets, closets by removing 30 -40% of your items so you look like you have lots of storage.
  3. Clean your house inside and out carefully and paint in neutral or warm tones
  4. Every room should have a function and focal points so take out objects that take away from this. An example would be to remove all tablecloths, most of the items on shelves and furniture that overcrowds the room
  5. Less is more in terms of objects and colour
  6. Open all your curtains including shower curtains and put white towels in your home
  7. Turn all the lights on. Even your outdoor lights when you have listed your home as people drive by at night to see the curb appeal
  8. Clear all the kitchen counter tops except for a very few items like a bowl of fruit
  9. Remove all small mats and carpets that are not necessary. Let them see any hardwood floors or tile you have
  10. Put furniture and plants outside on your balcony or garden as this will add another room to your home visually in any season


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