Home Maintenance Tips

Mark Oulahen goes through a list of home maintenance tips FAST!

Tips In Video:

1. Get ready for snow shoveling in advance
2. Remove newspapers before using the snowblower
3. Cover condensing unit in the winter
4. Shut off hose bibbs internally and store hoses inside
5. Clear eavestroughs of leaves
6. Check roof from a distance for signs of damage
7. Know how to shut off the natural gas
8. Know how to shut the power off to the house at the main breaker
9. Open the air flow to the humidifier in the winter and set humidistat to above 30 degrees
10.  Change the furnace filter every 4-6 months
11. Use a detection alarm to detect if there is water pooling on the floor from the drain pipe
12. Drain hot water tank every 1-2 years
13. Know where the main water shut off valve is
14. Check the motor on the sump pump every year. Consider getting a second pump and battery backup kit
15. Use water and a thin layer of vegetable oil to get rid of a smell coming from the floor drain

16. Leave washing machine door open so it doesn’t get mold
17. Use braided hose connections and make sure drain hose is secure
18. Empty the lint trap on the dryer
19. Cover shower drains with a hair catcher
20. Adjust the float on the toilet to prevent toilet from running
21. Know where the shut off is for the toilet
22. Know where hot and cold shut offs are under sink. Remove p-trap if the drain clogs
23. Remove filter in dishwasher and clear out, make sure the shut off under kitchen sink hasn’t been shut off
24. Don’t cut off the air flow around the fridge, and vacuum the grills
25. Clean and replace the filters on the range hood every 6 months to a year
26. Dont’ store things in the oven and keep an eye on it when it is on self-cleaning mode
27. Get wood burning fireplaces inspected by a wet-certified chimney sweep
28. Check on the smoke detectors every 6 months
29. Insurance policies require the house be checked on every couple of days while you’re away. Also, hire someone to shovel the snow and cut the grass

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