Fighting Neighbours


No matter where you live, house or condo, you run the risk of living with an annoying or inconsiderate neighbour. Whether it’s excessive noise or harassment, having a bad neighbour is very common. If you haven’t experienced it yet, consider yourself lucky! If you have or are currently dealing with an inconsiderate neighbour, check out the following tips for how to handle it:

  1. Communication – Talk to your neighbour about the issue that you are having so they are aware. They may not be aware that they are being inconsiderate to those living around them. This often helps the feud from spiraling out of control. Ensure you are being assertive and not aggressive.
  2. Avoid Retaliation – No matter how frustrated you get, refrain from retaliation as it only makes the situation much worse. Likewise, if you retaliate without initially sharing your issues with your neighbour, they can file a complaint about you.
  3. Mediation – If you can’t talk it out with your neighbour and there is a palpable issue, consider consulting a community mediation service to help defuse the situation. You can visit ADR Institute of Canada or your condo board if you’re in a condo. If both you and your neighbour believe no actions should be changed, maybe mediation is an option to consider.
  4. Take Them to Court – If all else fails, you can take them to court. This is an extreme and should always be your last resort since it is costly, and can create a long-term string of issues with your neighbour.

Other great resources commonly used in neighborly incidences:
Noise By-law
Animal By-law
Fence By-laws
Private Tree By-law

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