Our Advantage

We have been in the Toronto real estate business for over 35 years. Our roots began as P.R. Oulahen Ltd. and grew to become The Oulahen Team, part of Re/Max Realtron Realty Inc. We have a state of the art independent office on Yonge St. just south of Sheppard Ave. Our family team is ranked within the top 100 Re/max teams in Canada with numerous other awards including Circle of Legends, Lifetime Achievement and Hall of Fame award.

Although these awards are outstanding achievements, our greatest goal is for you to be rewarded. We will treat your investment as if it were our own.

Residential Expertise

With experience in every facet of buying, selling, investing, renovating, and building residential properties, we are more than just real estate agents. Our expertise ensures you receive professional service, with a promise of confidentiality and honesty.

Condo Expertise

Whether this is your first time going through the condo buying process or you are ready to sell your latest investment property, you need ample advice, specific building knowledge, and a strong negotiator to close the deal successfully.

How Old Is My Condo?

Find your condo's corporation number below to see what year your condo was built.

MTCC# 0533-0821
MTCC# 0824-0904
MTCC# 0905-1066
MTCC# 1100-1132
MTCC# 1133-1170
MTCC# 1172-1203
MTCC# 1208-1277
MTCC# 1278-1352
MTCC# 1353-1413


TSCC# 1429-1477
TSCC# 1479-1557
TSCC# 1566-1686
TSCC# 1687-1729
TSCC# 1737-1813
TSCC# 1826-1903
TSCC# 1904-1965
TSCC# 1976-2022
TSCC# 2024-2121


TSCC# 2128-2194
TSCC# 2203-2254
TSCC# 2258-2350
TSCC# 2351-2419
TSCC# 2421-2501
TSCC# 2503-2562
TSCC# 2564-2632
TSCC# 2635+


Estate and Trust Sales

When you’ve been entrusted with the sale of an estate or a trust sale, it can feel overwhelming. We understand and appreciate the professionalism and delicate nature required. We are well-versed in this process and will provide you with the estate sale services you need. We know a trustee’s rule in maximizing the sale price and documenting the sales process. We have over 30 years’ experience with clients and many of the Estate and Trust divisions of the major banks in Toronto.

Commercial Properties

When you are considering purchasing or selling commercial property, you need more from a real estate agent. More specialization, more education, and more experience. With our team, you will get all of that and more. We have sold, purchased and leased floors of office buildings, and assemblies, retail spaces, strip malls, apartment buildings, land leases… you name it. We’ve consulted for individual and institutions on complicated matters.

Construction and Renovation Experts

If you are contemplating a renovation or new build, consult with us for an investor’s perspective. Will the time and money you spend pay off? Where should you start? Who should you hire? Our combination of past experience, current involvement in the industry, and trusted connections will align you with successful results throughout your purchase and/or sale.

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