myths of real estate

1. Listing Price Doesn’t Matter
You should not list over a fair market price or you won’t get the exposure your listing deserves in the Internet, MLS and marketing. You don’t want to be outside the market but in it. The listing price should be chosen very close to the date the listing is loaded, with an understanding of available comparable listings for sale and recent sold prices.

2. You Don’t Have To Fix Up Or Stage An Old House.
You need to put every effort in presenting your home in the best possible light. You don’t want to distract in any way from the space, rooms, light, lot and details (even dated ones). We have often listed a home for land value and found a young couple bought it to renovate at a later date. You don’t know who your buyer will be, or what their vision for the home is.

3. Never Buy A House With Issues.
Knob & Tube, Oil Furnace, Kitec plumbing, leaking roof are all issues that can be resolved with time and money. Often the discount on these homes is significantly larger than the cost of repair. Is the seller disclosing an issue? Or find something on an inspection? get quotes from contractors, and make an informed decision.

4. You Don’t Need A Real Estate Agent To Buy.
First of all the home owner pays the fee so essentially your realtor’s advice is free. Here is a list of what a real estate agent does.

5. I Should Wait To Sell Until The Spring When The Garden Is Glowing.
Many people make a New Year’s resolution to move. If you list in January or February you won’t be completing with as many sellers. Buyers eager to buy have limed selection and sometimes have to compete.

6. I Can Organize My Money Later
Get pre-approved for your mortgage and have your deposit funds easily accessible at a bank where you can readily get a Bank Draft. In a multiple offer situation your Deposit in hand speaks. If you have your money organized and your budget known, it takes anxiety out of a big decision, and also helps you avoid buying something you can't afford.

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