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There are many reasons to get a home inspection and the only reason not is to save time and money. If you account for how much you’re spending on the home, the cost of an inspection is minimal. These reasons should help you understand why an inspection is worthwhile.

Better Understanding of What You’re Buying

It’s rare that every single attribute of a home is completely updated or new. Even a well-maintained home might have a furnace that’s approaching the end of its lifespan. A good home inspector can give you a comprehensive report of each attribute in a home.

Reduce and Avoid Surprises

We don’t believe in the idea of a “failed home inspection.” We do believe that every building requires maintenance and repair over time. An inspection explains how much time, money and hassle the building will cost you. Big buzzword items (knob and tub, Kitec, mold, leaks) are easy to identify and estimate. These items can create an opportunity for buyers to buy the home at a discount.

Estimate Maintenance Costs

Most inspections don’t deter a buyer from buying a home. They might provide an accurate estimate of how much they’re going to spend in the immediate, mid and long term.

Learn How to Maintain Your Home

A full walkthrough of the house gives the buyer a better understanding of how they will maintain the home. This is a great start for first-time buyers who feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. They build confidence with the itemized list of minor projects for them to do once they own the home.

It’s An Extended Buyers Visit

Most home inspections take 2-3 hours. We find it’s best to have your home inspector walk you through what they found at the end of the inspection. Use the time during the inspection to measure, think about furniture and make plans for your new home.


Insurance companies are getting more and more detailed. Inspection reports provide you with answers to all the questions they are asking. It’s better to have accurate insurance versus insurance based on incorrect information.

Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That

In a competitive market, buyers feel forced to consider making firm offers without inspection conditions. This creates a situation where buyers are assuming unknown risks. Some buyers discount their offers conservatively and others cross their fingers while offering, all while offering aggressive purchase prices. Regardless, it’s not ideal. Where possible, we suggest our buyers order a home inspection before offering on a property.

There’s a reason why the only people who can confidently buy a used car is an auto mechanic. Same should go for a house. Buy accurate, inexpensive advice from an expert when you’re able to.

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