I have just completed both a sale and a purchase with the Oulahen Team. I can honestly say that this is the most incredible customer service experience I have ever had. From the very first contact, there was not an email or phone call that was not quickly answered by one of the members of the team. My house sold for a good amount over asking and well above what anything similar in my neighbourhood has sold for. Their advice on which upgrades to the house prior to the sale would net me the best results was spot on. I was a picky purchaser and the Oulahens moved heaven and earth to find for me what I wanted. When I finally did find what I wanted they got if for me at a fair price. The Oulahens are a wonderful team of realtors with integrity, vast knowledge and experience. Each member of the team has their own expertise and they make it work together to your advantage. They both made and saved me money. All accolades they have received are 110% deserved. I grew to really like and respect Paul, Norah, Jeff and Mark. These are wonderful people and my advice to you if you are working with this family is TRUST THEIR ADVICE. The process of selling and buying (in my case on my own) is stressful enough. Let them handle it. You will not be sorry.