Winter Energy Saving Tips

Winter is a season full of darker afternoons and colder nights. It is tempting to use any heat source or lighting source you can. There are many things we do in the winter and throughout the rest of the year that contribute to an increase in our energy bills. Here are some of our best tips for improving your homes energy efficiency.

1. Be Mindful of the On-Peak Hours

From November 1st until April 30th, 2020, winter prices are in effect for your electricity. Between 7 am – 11 am and 5 pm – 7 pm, avoid using electricity if possible as this is when it is the highest. Between 7 pm and 7 am and all day on weekends and holidays is when it is the lowest rate for using electricity. Read more by following this link on the Toronto Hydro website.

2. Control Your Environment The Smart Way

Consider using a smart thermostat to control your heating and cooling automatically. Set it up to follow your schedule and control it remotely from your smartphone so you can keep it off at times when you are away and don’t need it on.

3. Identify Energy Suckers

There are many electronics in your home that will use energy when plugged in, even when they are not in use. Even when not in use, a lot of your electronics and appliances will still have electrical power flowing through them. Some of these items include phone chargers, microwaves and other appliances, television and electronics. Keep whatever items you can unplugged when not in use and consider purchasing a power bar or smart plug that can turn off these items.

4. Go LED

Having lots of light in your home can be tempting but can also have a big impact on your electricity bill. Switching to LED lightbulbs can significantly decrease your energy consumption. Another option would be to use smart lightbulbs which you can control from your phone to turn off when you leave the house in a rush!

5. Energy Star

When buying new appliances, aim to look specifically for energy saving. Energy star is a government-backed symbol for energy efficient products. You can trust if you see their symbol on appliances, that you will save energy. Click here to see a list of Energy Star most efficient products of 2019.

6. Use Your Microwave

Although your microwave does quite a bit of energy, it beats using the oven. If you are reheating a meal, if you can, use your microwave.

7. If You’re Too Warm, Turn The Heat Down

It is a quick fix if you are too warm to open your window. Resist! Be patient, turn it down and wait for it to cool down.

8. Use The Natural Heater and Lighting

Depending on what way your house/condo faces, use the sun to add heat to your apartment. Keep your curtains/blinds open and let the sun fill your home with heat and lighting.

9. Check/Replace The Seals On Your Doors and Windows

Any little draft can impact the heating of your home. Take some time to check the seals around your windows and doors to make sure they are snug and not letting any air in or out.

10. Take Extra Care When Packaging Your Food In The Refrigerator

Let your food cool down before packing it away in the fridge. The heat in the fridge will create moisture making the compressor work harder. Similarly, cover liquids and wrap all foods as it can create the same outcome.

If you would like more information about any of these tips mentioned or would like some additional tips, email us at or call 416-222-1212.

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