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Condo Flooring – Which Wood You Choose?

In condos, you would think you could just do anything with your flooring but there are actually limitations. Condo flooring must float. One main limitation you will see when installing flooring [...]
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Condo Liens – Avoid Them At All Costs!

In this article, we highlight the consequences of disregarding condo notices and unpaid fees. We present a case where a condo owner's refusal to pay led to a property lien [...]
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Commission Explained

Commission is a crucial but often misunderstood aspect of selling a home. Sellers and buyers should understand the terms and rates outlined in the listing agreement, the deduction from the [...]
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Tips For Renovating Your Condo

While condo renovations are typically far less complicated and nuanced than house renos, there are some key ways to make your project as high-impact and low-stress as possible.
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Buying Pre-Construction Condos

Pre-construction condos are often the first place people look to diversify their investment holdings into hard assets. Here is a list of tips for navigating the adventure.
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Condo Maintenance Fees Explained

One of the most common complaints of condo owners are maintenance fees. Here is a simplified breakdown of a fairly efficient condo to use as an example. This condo corporation [...]
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Selling a Condo Is Different Than Selling A House

Before selling your condo, consider the condo corporation's status, reserve fund, and potential special assessments. If you have tenants, ensure their cooperation. Renovations and staging can enhance appeal. Building walls [...]
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