As the seasons change, so does the need to freshly update the exteriors of our homes, especially when putting them on the market. You’ll want to ensure that you are properly showing potential buyers all that your home has to offer. Oulahen Team Realty has some very valuable information listed below for you about how to boost your curb appeal for the fall and winter seasons!

 Update House Numbers

House numbers can sometimes be overlooked, figuratively and objectively but it is important potential buyers are able to find your home easily and without hassle.

  • Find a house number style that works for you, there are many unique ways and places to display your house number, use your best judgement and find a style that is right for your property.
  • Find a central location that is easily noticeable to passing visitors. You have picked your favourite style, now you want to make sure that it can be seen while others are driving down the street.

Add Proper Lighting

Snow covered grounds can reflect the glow of a warm light fixture so you want to make sure you don’t skip over this aspect when increasing curb appeal.

  • Downward soffit lighting is a quick way to improve visibility of your home, you want to showcase all your home has to offer and the best way to do this is to highlight its beautiful features with proper lighting.
  • Ensure your walkways and driveways are properly lit. You want to ensure that potential buyers can safely access the home and see all the exterior space it has to offer.

Paint Your Front door

The front door is arguably the first thing a potential buyer will see when entering a home. Make sure to choose a paint colour that matches your home and showcases your entrance.

  • Start painting with exterior paint at the start of the fall when the weather is still warm to mild as you will need about three days of 12-degree weather to ensure your paint dries properly.
  • Chose a primary colour or dark shade as they pair very nicely with an autumn winter landscape.

Buy a Bird Feeder & Porch Planters

Just because the summer ends doesn’t mean you have to get ride of your stunning plants and bird feeders. Not all birds fly south for the winter, some stick around for the holidays.

  • Bird feeders are a great way to attract some very colourful friends.
  • Evergreen branches and poinsettias are a very nice touch to complete a well put together porch. They have the ability to catch the eye of a potential buyer and can go well with a lovely fall or winter day.
  • Make sure to use planters that can withstand the winter months, usually made from durable recycled materials

Selling your home can be a complex process but ensuring that you can get the most out of it can make a huge difference both aesthetically and financially!

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