Repairs That Should and Should Not Stall Your House Hunting

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Prioritize issues found during home inspection, weigh repair costs, but don’t let minor problems stop you from buying your dream home.

You have found the perfect home only to find that there are some issues with it. While it’s important to have a thorough home inspection and consider the price of repairs before purchasing a property, some problems should not prevent you from starting the next chapter of your life in your dream home. Oulahen Team Realty has listed some helpful information and resources to think about as you navigate home repair problems while house hunting.

Red Flags

Not all problems should deter you from buying a home. However, if there are too many issues, or even one issue that comes at a high price, you might want to reconsider the home.

  • When purchasing a property “as-is,” be conscious of any extensive repairs that the seller is not obligated to pay for.
  • Structural issues with the foundation and walls can cost a lot of time and money.
  • If there is extensive mold or mildew throughout the home, you will have to pay for remediation services.
  • Termite damage to the property should also cause concern, as it can be a very expensive and lengthy repair.

Professional Repairs

There are many home repairs that can be performed by professionals that you will not have to do yourself:

  • If the water quality in the home is poor, you can have a professional install a filtration system.
  • If you love the home but want to undergo a major remodel or addition, professional contractors can make it happen.
  • You can also hire pros for tree removal or other major landscaping services.
  • Extensive plumbing work like replacing a septic tank or pipes can be handled by a pro as well.


DIY Repairs

Finally, there are plenty of relatively simple, fast repairs that you can handle yourself in a new home. For example:

  • Low water pressure can sometimes be fixed by simply adjusting the pressure-reducing valve.
  • To remedy poor air filtration, try replacing filters. If that doesn’t help, consider getting your HVAC serviced by a professional.
  • You can also quickly replace old caulking that is dirty or cracking.
  • If the home has sticking windows or damaged screens, those issues can be fixed in just a couple of hours as well.

Buying a home is difficult enough. Don’t add disappointment to the mix by turning down property with problems that can easily be fixed. Consider the information above as you navigate the home buying process, and keep researching other repairs that you should be aware of.

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