Buying Real Estate Toronto

Why Sell With Us?

Thinking of Selling? You need hardworking, trustworthy agents who will advertise and negotiate to get top dollar.

Honest, Clear Communication

When selling, you need to have good lines of communication with the Realtor that is serving you. It's easier to make big decisions when the advocate on your side is someone you trust. We earn your trust through consistent, honest communication.

Staging Works

In today's market, buyers do the majority of their ‘buying’ on their phones, or computer. Having a photogenic listing is vital. The best photos are of staged properties taken by a professional photographer. Don't be scared of staging. We see it as presenting a clean, maintained, properly furnished home. Most of our listings need a deep clean, some maintenance, and a couple of accent pieces or large furniture items swapped.
Staging Toronto

Details Matter

Whether you are selling for the first time or the 10th, every detail matters. This includes legal descriptions, right of ways, and lot sizes. A good listing has all details correct from the beginning so buyer’s impressions and offers are made on correct information. When offers come in, all details need to be checked for errors and accuracy.

Skilled, Calm Negotiators

People say they need their Realtor to be a strong ‘negotiator’ to get a good deal. It also takes an informed seller with confidence to be able to identify a good deal. We negotiate good deals for our sellers in 4 steps:
1. Educate our sellers with neighbourhood statistics and recent market activity so they feel confident with their listing price and marketing strategy. While the property is listed, we keep our sellers up-to-date with weekly market activity reports.
2. Respond quickly to buyer and buyer agent inquiries. Often a listing agent’s job is to get information to a buyer to help them take the next step to sign an offer.
3. Build rapport with the other side discussing, listening, and obtaining potentially vital Intel.
4. Capitalize on the information, helping you make the tough decisions while trying to reduce emotions.

Advertising That Works

Over the 40 years of helping sellers, we have tried many different approaches. We track what works and apply our lessons to our new listings. It takes experience and confidence to know where to focus our energy to sell your house for top dollar. These efforts include:

> Professional Photos & Virtual Tours
> High Quality Feature Sheets made in-house
> Perfect listing on the MLS &

> Floor plans
> Targeted social media campaign
> Neighbourhood ‘Just Listed’ Mailers
> Open Houses when appropriate

Resource for Life

With multiple generations of Realtors, we want to be your resource for life. We will answer any question you have about your home, maintenance or real estate.

We have been in the real estate business for almost 40 years. Our team now includes additional team members who are an extension of our family, each bringing their own experiences, ideas, and valuable advice. All of us bring the same dedication, knowledge and passion that started The Oulahen Team to every client today. We would love to show you what our team can do for you.

Stay Informed

Get a personalized monthly report for your current home or an area you want to watch.
This report includes listings currently for sale and sold, as well as news and events happening in Toronto.