If you are living in your home while selling, you will see that the showings are the most challenging part. Keeping the house looking perfect is for superheroes. Here is a list of tips for managing the stress while presenting a top notch product.

1. Get Out Of The House

Buyers visiting your space will be able to better envision themselves living there if you are not there. If you are home during a showing, the potential buyer will feel like they are intruding and won’t spend the time they typically would to look around and see all the redeeming qualities.

2. Keep It Clean

Easier said than done, but a clean house feels better. Floors and countertops need to be clean and all belongings tucked away.

3. What About Pets and Kids?

Pets and kids are the worst teammates for a strong showing team. Do your best to minimize the existence of pets first, then try to reduce the amount of toys kids have access to so it’s easier for you to tidy up in a hurry.

4. Don’t Bother Cooking

Budget for eating out and ordering in during the time your home is on the market to minimize the cleanup and potential smells. But feel free to cook cookies and bread whenever you’d like!

5. Mental Game

This is key, as the selling process doesn’t follow a script. You don’t know if you will have your house for sale for 1 day, 1 week or more. Prepare yourself and manage expectations like a marathon runner. Maybe blast your favorite music when you are prepping the house to stay positive.

6. Patience

Buyers will not show up exactly at 6pm for a 6pm showing every time. They may be looking at a handful of properties, and the key was missing from the lockbox on the house previously. Stuff happens. Don’t let the 1 out of 10 buyers ruin your outlook for the majority.

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