Whether you’ve just bought a condo that needs some love, or have been living in one for several years, you have probably been considering ways to spruce things up. While condo renovations are typically far less complicated and nuanced than house renos, there are some key ways to make your project as high-impact and low-stress as possible.


There’s perhaps no better way to feel like you’re in a new space than by adding a fresh coat of paint. But there are some important choices to make along the way. Here are some important considerations for any condo-painting project:

  • Use bright colours (typically, the brighter the better in small spaces)
  • Make your trim pop by using a different colour for your trim versus your walls
  • Protect your floors, furniture, and cabinets by using drop sheets (unless you have significant painting experience, it’s highly likely that you’ll encounter a spill at some point)
  • Purchase the highest-quality paint that you can afford
  • Use pearl-gloss paint in bathrooms to avoid mold
  • Avoid using flat paint in any high traffic areas, as it will mark and is very difficult to clean


You can absolutely transform the feel of your condo by tweaking your lighting setup. In a one-bedroom condo, for example, you may only need to change four ceiling lights. Doing so can have a very high impact. If you’re on a budget, spend some time searching retailers like Ikea or Structube for fixtures that grab your attention, but don’t look like their $50-$100 price tag.

If you want to splurge, $400-$500 at a high quality lighting store can get you a long way to an exemplary “show piece” to hang above your dining table.

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